5 Bag Gifts for Xmas Present for her!

Christmas is coming soon, why not make use of this opportunity to provide a bag of premium quality yet at the same time useful in day-to-day life and in accordance with today’s pattern to your beloved?

Most definitely a lot more initial than conventional roses and chocolates, the selection to give something individual like a genuine natural leather bag improved with calf bone hair components will certainly make the difference for Xmas. For some, this present might seem dangerous as a result of the worry that she will not value it, however without taking the chance of a little, make certain that you will never ever find anything that impress her.

At the centre of the fad

You will have listened to or seen in the shop windows that this year, the hair calf bone in different fantasies is back in vogue, so why not offer your partner the fantasy that fits her? There are fantasies for all personalities, for all tastes, for all outfits. You do not know what may be right for her? Right here are some recommendations for you to do the ideal option for a Xmas present:

Some ideas:

1. If she’s attentive to detail, adhere to style and also is constantly on the move and also when it appears intends to really feel stylish and also sophisticated yet without utilizing a difficult bag.

2. If your partner is a working-girl, that requires something roomy to have her universe, yet at the same time wants to be classy and also feel right on every occasion.

3. If she is vibrant, flashy, she requires to have no challenges in her life, whether it is to handle the children, or for the thousand activities that concern her, she will possibly be seeking a backpack.

4. If she is an outgoing lady, she loves being among the people, going out to dinner, she certainly requires a clutch bag to bring with her the minimum crucial but at the same time be stylish.

5. If instead she is a lady that does not such as to appear yet tries to distinguish herself from the group without overemphasising, search for a stunning yet practical bag, soft and also huge.

If you require some suggestions, review our write-up, I will explain why to give for Xmas a real natural leather bag with the enhancement of precious calf bone hair as well as I will certainly assist you to make the best choice!


Leather as well as calf hair: the combination of excellent products

Our bags (4Bag) are mostly handmade, functioned by the best craftsmen that reside in the well-known leather district, in Greece and Italy. It might appear a timeless craftsmanship yet the combination of genuine calfskin and also pony needs unique attention in all its stages. Along with this mindful handling our bags are defined by the excellent quality of basic materials.

It is likewise recognized that real leather, if premium, is a product immune to tearing, abrasion, warmth, moisture which the much more it ages the more it handles value; while on the hair calf bone there is maybe extra complication. In fact, for calf hair we describe the cow, as well as especially to the hair of this pet; in essence, the reference to the equine derives specifically from the final appearance of the skin. As opposed to what can be imagined, the calf hair is just as immune, water-proof and also does not need excessive attention to keep it in excellent condition.

A bag with a real identification

An authentic leather bag assures a special identity to the product you will pick since no bag will ever before be the same as the others. Each bag has its very own cut of various leather from the various other, each layer, all-natural grain will provide the calf bone skin that extra value; while the calf hair undoubtedly assures a great dosage of appeal as well as style thanks to the dreams that will never be the same as the others.

Our bags are unique because, along with the quality they bring with them, they are very carefully picked to make our consumers distinct. Your cherished will definitely not disregard this, making it feel distinct is the most effective gift you can do!

If you’re still not persuaded, keep in mind that you can securely change it… not your girlfriend yet the bag selected; or you can have a look at the various other animal bags or contact 4Bag to aid you in your choice.

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